When you go to sleep smiling!!

I’m aware that I’ve been quiet for a while – did you miss me? Well, I’ve been doing a thing.  A thing just for me.

I love singing – that’s no secret – I’m not particularly good, I don’t have a “solo” voice – but I can provide volume and pitch in a choir, which is where I’m happiest.

So, a couple of weeks ago my choir leader asked if I’d like to be in a special choir because they were short of tenors.  There weren’t many rehearsals but she was sure I could do it because they would send me mp3 files and sheet music.  So I said yes.  Actually I said “who….what…where….oooooooo….yes please please please!!!”  Because the choir was singing at the finale of the Barry Manilow concert at the Newcastle Arena!!!


So that’s what I’ve been doing – and I couldn’t tell anyone because the choir is supposed to be a surprise. And I didn’t care that we weren’t being paid, or that we couldn’t watch the show, or anything – here was an opportunity of a lifetime and I was going to grab it with both hands.

I’ve worked hard at rehearsing – singing along with the music, making sure I could pitch the first note from the preceding chord – attending rehearsals – and I thought I could do it.  So yesterday I got on the bus and went down to the Arena for 4pm.  We had a rehearsal at 5 with the backing singer/choreographer – at which point I realised that nobody had ever asked me to sing and dance AT THE SAME TIME before.  This is much harder than you think – step, close, click your fingers, hands in the air, clap – oh dear 😦  However, we went back to the green room and practiced for the next few hours – and I finally managed a passable dance with singing.  We sounded great, but were well aware that we would barely be heard above the amplified music and screaming fans.  None of that mattered in the end.  It was the experience, the feeling of being part of something spectacular – even though a very small part.  Here’s a photo or two  – and my thought for the day – never pass up an opportunity to make your life fabulous!!

That’s me – second one in from the right in the first picture 🙂

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