Greenbelt was Awesome!!!!


Its hard to believe it’s now 2 weeks since I arrived at Greenbelt – my equipment on my back – and erected my tent in pouring rain.  They say you haven’t been camping unless you’ve done it in the rain – so now I can say I have really done camping! It was by turns; too hot, too cold, too wet and too noisy!! 5 nights in a tent told me a great deal about what I need. I need to be warm – I need to be dry. Other than that, I can manage.  By the Monday I was craving a decent piece of toast, but I wasn’t desperate!

Greenbelt was awesome.  I hadn’t planned to see anything in particular – I thought it would save me being disappointed if I didn’t get to see something.  I heard some of the interview with “Whispering Bob Harris” – but I couldn’t hear very well cos I was outside in the rain and he was whispering. He does have some good stories though.  I heard the Archbishop of Canterbury answer a young man who asked “in a fight between you and the pope – who would win?”.  I heard some excellent music – especially liked the new Orleans style brass band.  I met a Blues Brother too! (see pic) I spent hours in the URC tent talking to people about what they would scrap about church.  Our “scrap the church?” t shirts proved to be quite a talking point – many people stopped by the tent and wrote their opinions on pieces of paper and posted them in the box.  These will be collated and some will be printed in a future edition of Reform magazine, I believe.  They will make for interesting reading – and perhaps make a difference in how we “do” church.  I listened to Lucy Berry read some of her very pertinent poems.

Did I have a good time? Yes, definitely – will I go again? Absolutely! I’m looking to book my ticket for next year while the prices are low.

I’m so proud to have been part of the URC team – and proud of the URC for being part of Greenbelt, and also for asking the question that had so many people talking.

I’m also proud of everyone who was at Greenbelt – they were asked to “leave no trace” – take home their rubbish and care about the environment.  And they did. Well done everyone!!


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