Who is it for?

This is the first day I’ve had a chance to sit down and think about this blog thingy.  What I’m uncertain about is – who is it for?  I know there are some right clever people who put really thoughtful insights online – I’m not one of those.  There are people who cook and blog their recipes n stuff – I’m not one of those.  I’ve seen lovely blogs from people who knit, sew, paint etc and share their tips so everyone can benefit from their talent – I’m not one of those.

I suppose I could use it to have a rant about stuff – but who would care?  I often see people ranting on facebook and wonder who they think cares? Do all those complaining about Chris Evans hosting Top Gear really think the BBC are crying into their beer because they “will never watch it again”?  Mostly I use Faceache to share good news or little things I want my friends and family to see – I don’t think I could share anything on there that I really cared about.

So who or what is this blog for? *shrugs*

I’ve had a little think, and what I think is – I’ll do this blog for me.  The other me.  The me two years or so hence, who wants to remember what happened and how I felt.  God willing I’ll still be here in a few years and be able to look back on this with a smile *waves at future self*

This week I’ve had a lovely time at summer school in Windermere – learned lots of stuff I didn’t know I needed to know and now back to reality – just as well, cos I really can’t cope with three square meals a day!  and while I have lots to think about – tonight’s Scout AGM that I have to chair, the booklets and powerpoint for Sunday, next weeks meetings – the thing that’s bothering me most is, what do I wear to my son’s graduation.  There will be no hat.  Maybe a nice frock? but to be honest – I’d be just as happy to wear wellies and a raincoat, nothing will spoil the day – and what’s important is that Tom is happy.  Anyone who knows Tom will know what it has taken for him to get to this point – and he is the first person that people can remember,  to have gone thru foundation year in Durham Physics department and actually stayed there long enough to gain an honours degree.  My heart might just burst with pride. 🙂

My intention here was to put a video or something – maybe the levellers “beautiful day” – but as usual I got caught up in a YouTube loop and didn’t choose one – and I might also have struggled to figure out how to put it on.  I’m still learning!!

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